Junior Achievement Sweden

Junior Achievement Sweden provides educational programs in entrepreneurship for students in elementary school and high school. The programs are designed to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship and to give students insight into business conditions.



The philosophy of Junior Achievement Sweden is that entrepreneurship can be taught. 

JA Sweden in elementary school
We also provides education in elementary school; Our community, It’s my business and Economics for success. The education is suitable from primary to upper secondary and prepare the students on a basic level for a life as an entrepreneur or having their own companies. 

JA Sweden in high school
Junior Achievement Sweden's most recognized educational program is called the Company Program (UF-företagande). The Company Program provides high school students the opportunity to start and run a business during an academic year.
Our research shows that students within the company program are more likely to start their own companies, earn more money and are more likely to become managers. The Company Program make a difference in so many ways. Fact Sheet, Company Program 2016/2017

JA Sweden Alumni
Junior Achievement Sweden launched an alumni network in 2010 to continue to stimulate entrepreneurship among former students and allow young entrepreneurs to share their experiences. Today, the network consists of more than 3400 alumni who meet regularly throughout the year at educational workshops and meetings.

Research studies

Karl Wennberg, PhD, Stockholm School of Economics, Center for Entrepreneurship, has released two studies on Junior Achievement Sweden Company Program graduates.

The study shows that Company Program graduates have lower unemployment, starts companies, become managers and earn more money than persons without Company Program experience.  The companies started by Company Program alumnis had higher revenue, employed more people and lasted longer.

The study shows that entrepreneurship training plays an important role in these graduates lives and careers. Junior Achievement Sweden is important for the continued entrepreneurial development of Sweden.
Research Studies, Company Program.

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